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hand / machine - after thoughts

hand / machine - a final year project  A few months has passed and I finally feel able to put into words the whirlwind that was my final year at Gray's. My project, Hand/Machine, was a labour of love and stress that I am so glad is over, but simultaneously I am restless to create again. At the beginning of the year, what I thought I would make is not anywhere near what I actually made, but when I look at the outcomes, what was photographed comes across exactly how I pictured it in my mind as I was making it in the last few months of the year! Initially, I envisaged a largely sustainably sourced collection and one focused on digital and tech waste, but by the end the influences of my dissertation research and contextual research of knitwear and artists morphed my project into one that combines hand and machine knitting in such a way as to invoke a sense of nostalgia and a need to touch it - almost recreating an ugly jumper knitted by a grandmother.  By incorporati

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