internship at eribe knitwear

 internship at eribe knitwear - february to end of april 2016
drying Illume yoke sweaters in the sun 
Gray's School of Art is part of Robert Gordon University, and because of RGU being very well known for graduate prospects and pushing for placements across the board, the ability for me to find places to apply for placement was there. I found my placement on my own merit, and based it around where I was able to stay cheaply (I have a family member who lives in the area).

I was very lucky to be welcomed into the Eribe family completely - I was considered an important member of the team and was given lots of opportunities to learn new skills and techniques as well as learning about Eribe and how a small knitwear company works in the Scottish textile and clothes industry as a whole. 

Looking back on my placement, I've realised just how beneficial overall it has been for me. I've learned the foundation skill of truly knowing the knit stitch and how it works, how knitwear relates with the body, and more technical skills using machinery, sewing and finishing that will serve me well not only next year for my graduate collection but into the workplace as well. 

samples created during my time at eribe. wiggly knit & neck sample
I felt part of the team, and because of that I felt comfortable asking questions and meant I did not miss out on any potential learning opportunities. I was able to use some time to work on samples to showcase my skills as well as being taught new ones, such as using 2 colour knitting and grafting.

Most importantly, I feel that the whole experience overall was realistic, it taught me what can really happen in industry and because of that has not clouded anything over, it has enabled me to think clearly about my career dreams and makes me want to push further to achieve my dreams!

I now feel confident enough to pursue this as a career, and know that I will be able to turn my potential ideas and concepts for my final year into a reality thanks to the skills and techniques I have learnt in hand knit production.

fairisle yoke 2 colour swatch


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